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Published Online: Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Adventures in Babysitting
If a patient asks me to watch their child for a minute, I have to say no. I’m mostly alone and busy with multi-tasking, giving vaccines, blood pressure screening, and diabetes screening— the workload is endless, so to hold a baby or watch kids is a ridiculous expectation for me. Besides, I already do enough babysitting and hand-holding of our grown-up customers!

Rx Countdown
I had a patient at my drive through window tell me she waited exactly 37 seconds from the time she pressed the call button to my arrival to help her. I explained I was the only one here and I was on the phone with a physician. Her response was, “Not my problem. I want corporate’s phone number to file a complaint!” Drive throughs continue to put pharmacists on the level of fast food workers.

Guessing Game
Got a script called in and the doctor does not know the patient’s DOB or address. He wants me figure it out from the 9 people who share that name in my system!

Fact Checking Faux Pas
It’s annoying when TV shows say things about drugs that make no sense. For example, on one show a doctor removed a bullet from a biker and tossed him a bottle of pills, saying, “This is vancomycin; take one 4 times a day to prevent infection.” Oral vanco—really? Where do these writers get their info?

I had a customer complain that she already waited 10 minutes for her prescription, so she didn’t want to wait an extra 2 minutes for me to mix up her antibiotic. I don’t understand why people get so angry about the wait. They don’t complain about the wait at the doctor’s office or McDonalds!

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