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Published Online: Tuesday, April 10, 2012
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Parata PASS

Marketed by: Parata Systems

Parata Systems is rebranding its Parata PASS (Patient Adherence Strip System) suite of senior care automation products. Parata PASS provides long-term care facilities with a customized, unit- or multi-dose medication management system to support shorter cycles, reduce medication waste, and tighten inventory management while increasing safety and nursing time for patient care. Parata PASS models include the Parata PASS 500, which can support canister configurations of 250, 350, and 500, and the Parata PASS 208 model to accommodate smaller prescription volume levels. Other products in the Parata PASS suite include the Parata Check PASS, which aids inspection of multi-dose medicine packs, and Parata First PASS, which facilitates first-dose medication management in residential care facilities.

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SG20 HealthCare 2D Imager

Marketed by: Intermec Inc

Whether at the admitting desk, nurses’ station, patient bedside, laboratory, or phar- macy, the SG20 HealthCare 2D Imager minimizes the time and effort to read a bar code, improving productivity while ensuring important verification processes are complete. Features of the handheld scanner include a 2D imager for highly responsive omni- directional scanning; ergonomic styling to maximize comfort and save countertop space; large LED to provide effective visual operational feedback; and seamless integration with health care information management systems, point-of-sale systems, personal computers, and common software solutions. When used in a health care setting, data collection devices are often used at the point of care where infection control is crucial. The disinfectant-ready housing of the scanner, when combined with a protocol of frequent disinfecting, can reduce the spread of infectious diseases.

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Lowestmed MobIle App

Marketed by: LowestMed

LowestMed recently launched its flagship mobile app to provide individuals with the ability to view and compare prescription drug prices—including $4 generics—at leading supermarket and pharmacy chains in their local area on an iPhone or Android device. LowestMed enables individuals to save money in multiple ways. When a LowestMed customer needs to fill a prescription and enters the medication name on the app, LowestMed provides a list of discounted prices at nearby pharmacies for both brand name prescrip- tions and their generic alternatives. The LowestMed app includes more than 1000 of the most popular brand name and generic drugs, comprising more than 95% of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the country. In addition to the mobile app, users can compare prices at the LowestMed website.

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Medbox Rx Lockbox

Marketed by: Medbox Inc

MedBox Rx Lockbox is a drug vending machine system that allows pharmacists to load an individual’s medicine into a temporary use lockbox for later retrieval. After registering, the individual can return to the pharmacy at their convenience and, after a swipe of their authorization card and a quick fingerprint recognition scan, open a lockbox door and retrieve the medication pre-loaded by the pharmacist. The system also takes a photograph of each person conducting a transaction and maintains a permanent record of every operation, thereby increasing security and compliance, while virtually eliminating theft and fraud.

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