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MAY 16, 2011

G4 Platform

Marketed by: Omnicell

Omnicell’s G4 Platform offers hospitals a single, unified database to manage the continuum of medications maintained in automated dispensing cabinets. The 11-product platform boasts an intuitive user interface across all products and includes the G4 Cabinet Console with the new integrated Medication Label Printer and Touch & Go G4 biometric ID system to improve efficiency and security. The Omnicell Anesthesia Workstation G4, Omnicell’s Controlled Substance Management system, and the Savvy Mobile Medication System are among the G4 platform’s other advanced solutions. The platform is designed to help hospitals closely manage medication and supply inventory to reduce costs, comply with increasingly stringent regulatory pressures, and safeguard the patient.

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Marketed by: Infopia America

Infopia introduced SmartDiabetes, a suite of diabetes management tools designed to improve communication between diabetes patients and their health care providers. At the heart of the system are the Xpres Blood Glucose Monitor and PressurePlus Blood Pressure Monitor, which transmit test results to a HIPPA-compliant server for prompt and accurate caregiver review. From the server, patients can manage their personal health record and share test results in real time with members of their health care team. Infopia launched the SmartDiabetes product line in 284 Walgreens stores in Florida and 1000 Kmart stores nationwide, and plans to market it in other large retail chains in the near future.

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Omron Pocket Pedometer HJ-112

Marketed by: Omron

Omron recently partnered with Oprah Winfrey’s personal trainer, Bob Greene, to launch a new campaign that encourages Americans to walk 10,000 steps each day to improve their overall health and wellness. By measuring each step, as well as exercise metrics such as distance, time, calories burned, and fat grams burned, the Omron Pocket Pedometer HJ-112 helps patients track progress toward that goal. The gadget’s dual-accelerometer technology allows it to measure steps when positioned vertically or horizontally, so it can be attached at the hip, tucked into a pocket, or carried in a bag without compromising accuracy. The Omron Pocket Pedometer HJ-112 is available from pharmacy retailers and online for a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $34.99.

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Marketed by: TCGRx

TCGRx’s latest contribution to pharmacy automation is MedPickRx, a computerized system for filling oral solid prescriptions. Unlike traditional robotic systems, MedPickRx is equipped to manage a pharmacy’s entire oral solid formulary, rather than just the fastest moving medications. It can reduce script fill time for all oral solids by up to 40%, which represents 92% of the pharmacy’s total script volume. MedPickRx’s unique features also keep inventory in check and substantially reduce spoilage. The system’s high-density storage capacity frees up space in the pharmacy, whereas its “pick and fill to light” bar-code technology ensures that pharmacists and technicians pick medications in the proper sequence—starting with open bottles, followed by those with the shortest expiration dates.

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