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DECEMBER 11, 2011

ECRS-QS/1 Interface

Marketed by: ECRS and QS/1

A partnership between ECRS, a company specializing in point-of-sale (POS) and other retail automation systems, and QS/1, a provider of automation solutions for pharmacies, is making it easier for supermarket pharmacies to deliver an array of services in a single hybrid space. The companies jointly developed an interface allowing 2-way communication between ECRS’s CATAPULT POS and the QS/1 NRx pharmacy management system. When integrated, the systems provide a centralized place to store all transaction data—giving supermarkets a complete view of storewide sales while providing pharmacy staff with a flexible, convenient solution for prescription tracking, co-located prescription data, signature prompts and centralized signature storage, and Will-Call bin management.

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Healthprize Mobile App 

Marketed by: HealthPrize Technologies 

Building on its philosophy that sticking to a drug regimen should be fun, HeathPrize launched a mobile app that uses games and prizes to reward patients for taking their medicine. Users can access the HealthPrize platform from an iPhone or Android device—a convenience HealthPrize hopes will spur engagement with its unique incentive program. In addition to rewards, HealthPrize provides medication adherence education to build patients’ intrinsic motivation. According to HealthPrize, both approaches are needed to combat nonadherence, which costs the health care system $290 billion annually. In a recent HealthPrize survey, 70% of patients said they would try a rewards-based adherence program. 

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Marketed by: Jawbone 

Jawbone unveiled Up, a sleek wellness wristband and companion mobile app that allow 24/7 tracking of daily activity, sleep patterns, and eating habits. The band’s precise motion sensor monitors all aspects of physical activity and sleep, displaying the information in colorful graphs within the app. Up is also equipped with a built-in alarm clock that vibrates silently when the wearer is in the lightest phase of the sleep cycle—a feature designed to reduce grogginess. To track food intake, users snap a photo of each meal they eat, and then rate how they feel afterward, using descriptors like “stuffed” or “energized.” A host of social features allow Up users to connect with others to share their data and compare progress toward common health goals. 

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Merchant-branded DebIt Card

Marketed by: National Payment Card Association

As the nation’s banks debate charging consumers to use debit cards in checkout lines, the National Payment Card Association (NPCA) offers pharmacy retailers an alternative: privatelabel debit cards. Under NPCA’s merchant-branded debit program, merchants are charged a fixed fee of $0.15 each time a customer makes a purchase using the secure, PIN-based debit card. The payment system is also designed to drive loyalty by providing retailers with a history of each customer’s purchases and shopping frequency—information that can be used in conjunction with an existing rewards program. To experience the benefits to customers, merchants can test-drive the cards by enrolling on the NPCA Web site. Once registered, merchants receive a card in the mail that can be used to pay for purchases wherever debit cards are accepted.

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