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APRIL 17, 2011


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Laminar Flow Inc

Cleanroom equipment supplier Laminar Flow Inc introduced the Pharma-Flow, a laminar flow system that is designed especially for pharmacy use and adheres to specifications set by the US Pharmacopeia (USP) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It provides a Class 100, ISO 5, USP 797–compliant area for preparing intravenous (IV) or other compounded sterile preparations, and is available in 2x2 or 2x4 configurations. The pharmacy workstation features all stainless steel welded construction and a 99.99% gel seal to 0.3 micron filtration and is equipped with a removable canopy and optional IV bar.

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Marketed By: GreenGoose Inc

Wireless sensors are a growing trend in personal health monitoring, enabling patients to record exhaustive data on their daily activities. GreenGoose recently introduced a new product that brings disparate tracking devices together in a single, adaptable system. Users set goals, then choose one of GreenGoose’s many wireless sensors. The sensors connect to a small, Internet-connected base station that measures progress. In addition to a wallet-sized pedometer and a special toothbrush sensor, the kit includes sticker sensors that can be attached to objects, such as prescription vials or water bottles. As goals are met, users accumulate “lifestyle points” that can be exchanged through outside applications or redeemed for rewards from GreenGoose partners.

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GelPro Medical Mats 

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Aching knees and feet are par for the course in high-volume pharmacies, where workspace ergonomics are not usually a top priority. GelPro Medical Mats are engineered to reduce strain on joints caused by hours of standing on hard, unforgiving floors found in pharmacies and other health care facilities. The mats are certified by the National Floor Safety Institute for wet slip resistance and have a high-friction top surface composed of antimicrobial and antibacterial fabric. The upper layer protects a 1/2-inch gel core and 1/4-inch foam layers that conform to the foot to distribute weight evenly. GelPro Medical Mats come in 3 colors, including “Do Not Disturb” Red, ideal for informing nearby pharmacy staff that a procedure requires intense concentration that should not be interrupted.

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HealthOneMed’s Dispense-a-Pill (DAP) is a personal medication manager that applies the principles of pharmacy automation and telepharmacy to the patient’s at-home medication regimen. Patients program the machine with a prescribed dosing schedule, pour in the pills, and let DAP handle the rest. It is capable of sorting, dispensing, and monitoring a 90-day supply of up to 8 medications. A customizable alert system provides reminders for an additional 8 nonpill medications to help patients manage topical creams, liquids, injections, or other dosage forms. DAP records the date and time each medication is taken and lets caregivers know when a dose is missed or when it’s time to refill.

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