Can You Read These Rxs?

NOVEMBER 23, 2010
Can You Read These Rxs?

Rx 1
A patient brought this prescription to the Drug Mart Pharmacy in Bedford Hills, New York. When asked what the prescription was for, the patient said it was supposed to be a sleeping pill. Not convinced, pharmacist Christine Bolton, RPh, called the physician’s office. The answer she received surprised her.
Can you read it?

Rx 1

Rx 2
This prescription was presented to pharmacy technician Brandon Sain, of Walgreens Pharmacy in Davison, Michigan. Knowing it would be difficult to contact a physician at the local hospital where the script was written, pharmacist Ajay Gajera, RPh, stepped in to solve the mystery. After asking the patient a few questions, Gajera was able to fill the prescription correctly.
Do you know what it says?

RX 2

Answer Rx 1: K-Dur 20 mEq—take once daily.

Answer Rx 2: Bactrim suspension—take 2 teaspoonfuls by mouth 2 times daily for 10 days; Tylenol with codeine—take 1 teaspoonful every 8 hours as needed #4 oz.

Have eye-straining, baffling prescriptions? Send them to Pharmacy Times. Along with a clean photocopy of the prescription itself, your submission must include: (1) the name of your institution and its location; (2) your name and title (PharmD, RPh, Pharm Tech); (3) the correct name of the drug(s), strength, and dosing requirements; and (4) your telephone number. Please mail your submissions to: Can You Read These Rxs?, Attention: Laura Enderle, Pharmacy Times, 666 Plainsboro Road, Suite 300, Plainsboro, NJ 08536.


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