Welcome Letter: Pharmacy Times Launches on iPad

AUGUST 02, 2010
Tighe Blazier

Welcome to Pharmacy Times!
As you read this, you are discovering a new way to experience Pharmacy Times. This is the first iPad edition of Pharmacy Times, and we look forward to bringing you many more in the future.
Expect the unexpected as you tap through this Summer Edition, which is devoted to Women’s Health and also brings you a wealth of diverse topics that are relevant to your practice. The multimedia aspect of this exciting environment creates an entirely unique experience for our audience—one that we know you will enjoy. You’re free to use it on your own timetable and wherever you may go.
You’ll discover important, new information here about menopause, at-home pregnancy tests, and the newest OTC products available to you and your patients. Authoritative clinical information on infertility and the conception challenges some women face will keep you current and up-to-date—and so will the Rx Product News department in this special Summer Edition.
Our Women’s Health Watch, a Disease State Management department, will provide pharmacists counseling women patients with the very latest reports on antidepressants, birth control pills, and vitamin E. The Continuing Education activity on polycystic ovarian syndrome will provide useful training for a complex disorder.
As you check out this edition of Pharmacy Times, be sure to take advantage of the videos, audios, podcasts, slide shows, and Web resources the editors have prepared to improve your daily practice and give you a special experience—one that you can call up anytime, anywhere. It adds a component that is simply not available in any other format. These additional resources are meant to engage, enlighten, and entertain! So, please enjoy—and keep the Pharmacy Times app at your fingertips.

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Tighe Blazier,


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