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MARCH 01, 2009

Pyxis MedStation Improves Patient Safety, Medication Management

Cardinal Health Inc (Dublin, OH) recently introduced Pyxis MedStation 4000 to help improve medication safety. The automated medication dispensing system offers new features that can help hospitals increase the security of high-alert medications and reduce medication errors. The Pyxis MedStation 4000 enhanced bar-code scanning technology provides the option to require clinicians to scan medications upon removal to help ensure they have retrieved the right medication for the right patient and alert them to incorrect dosage or other potential errors. The built-in scanner also is used during restocking to make sure the right medications are loaded into the correct drawer location. The Pyxis MedStation 4000 has the capability to reject certain medications from being loaded into the system. The system also features user-specific tracking of undocumented waste. When specific users remove more of a medication than prescribed, the Pyxis MedStation 4000 system tracks and reminds the user of the need to document waste. The information can be used to identify possible incidence of diversion. For more information, visit

MedLocker Offers Patients Benefits, System Efficiencies

MTS Medication Technologies' (St. Petersburg, FL) MedLocker offers a safe, secure, and efficient way to manage the process of remote medication storage and access. The MedLocker access and control system enables pharmacies to use bar-coded punch cards to package oral solids, vials, ampules, and prefilled syringes; allows a pharmacy to customize e-kit and first-dose inventory by facility; and manages refrigerated and bulk medications that are stored outside of the cabinet. The advantages include quicker access to required medications, bar code technology to improve accuracy of medication selection, improved survey compliance, and flexibility of cabinet design to suit facility needs. For more information, visit, or call 800-671-0589.

MedDispense Provides 24/7 Access to Meds

MedDispense Automated Dispensing Solutions' (Alpharetta, GA) systems are designed to fit the needs of facilities that want the safety and availability of an automated medication dispensing solution. Nurses can access patient medication 24/7-even when the pharmacist is not on duty-while protecting drugs and supplies from unauthorized access. Because the system provides full integration with most operations software, medication costs are captured immediately upon dispensing, thus streamlining operations and ensuring reimbursements. MedDispense base units include a computer and touch screen, which controls all primary and auxiliary systems. The base units are available as a 25-drawer base 25 tabletop model, a 45-drawer base 45 unit, and a 72-drawer base 72 unit. The drawers can be configured to store up to 6 different medications or 1 narcotic (for safety purposes) per drawer. For more information, visit, or call 877-788-6855.

ToxED Focuses on Poisoning, Drug Overdoses

Gold Standard (Tampa, FL) relaunched ToxED. The newly updated and revised electronic clinical toxicology reference addresses clinicians' need for quick access to concise and comprehensive information at the point-of-care for the diagnosis and treatment of poisonings, drug overdoses, and exposure to chemicals and hazardous waste. Divided into 3 sections focused on emergency department principles, specific agents and treatments, and environmental and occupational toxicology, ToxED includes a drug identifier tool that identifies tablets and capsules based on marking/imprint, color, and shape with full-color digital images of drug products for visual verification; explorations of drug overdoses and poisons; and descriptions of therapeutic drugs and antidotes. The first version of ToxED, introduced in 2006, offered clinicians limited insight into the basis of a treatment recommendation or how patients were responding on a physiological or molecular level. For more information, visit, or call 800-375-0943.

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