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FEBRUARY 01, 2008

Mini Scale Precisely Dispenses Meds

Tanita Corporation of America Inc (Arlington Heights, IL) recently launched a new tool to ensure that drugs are accurately dispensed—the 1579D Mini Scale. Having the ability to quickly obtain correct measurements of drugs and their components makes it easier for pharmacists to properly dispense drugs, placing patients' wellbeing as a top priority. The 1579D Mini Scale quickly provides accurate results— as precise as 0.01 g, with a capacity of 200 g. The versatility of the scale also allows for 5 other weight modes: ounces, troy ounces, pennyweights, carats, and grains. The lightweight scale can be powered by a lithium battery or AC adapter, making it easy to weigh pills or liquids in a variety of environments—for example, behind the pharmacy counter or working as a medical volunteer in an impoverished community. The 1579D Mini Scale features a hard carrying case, protecting it from any pressure during transportation. For more information, visit, or call 866-679-3343.

CallAssure Automates Patient Follow-up

Vocantas Inc?s (Ottawa, Ontario) interactive voice response (IVR) system CallAssure uses advanced computer telephony and speech technology to enable clinicians and hospitals to more easily monitor patients in the hope of mitigating adverse effects that are common in recently discharged patients. CallAssure is a customized IVR system that will automatically call patients after they have been discharged. The system can be used for many postdischarge follow-up and/or monitoring care applications, such as chronic disease management, smoking cessation and similar programs, and satisfaction surveys. By automating postdischarge telephone interviews, CallAssure makes telephone follow-up feasible and cost-effective, resulting in reduced readmissions, emergency department visits, and secondary treatment costs. Other benefits include improved quality of care, increased patient satisfaction through follow-up calls and surveys, and more lives saved with a documented, proactive approach. CallAssure can be integrated into existing telephone systems and can either be installed on-site or hosted by Vocantas. For more information, visit

IntelliFlowRx Manages and Tracks IV Dose

ForHealth Technologies Inc's (Daytona Beach, FL) IntelliFlowRx is an intravenous (IV) Room Workflow Manager that brings the benefits of work-flow automation technology to the IV room. The system manages every IV dose. Using IntelliFlowRx, pharmacists and IV room technicians are better able to focus on patient care and safety, while hospitals save money through reduction in drug waste, elimination of disruptions to search for doses, and improved overall IV room efficiency. Designed with extensive input from hospital pharmacists, the system manages all doses electronically in real time and ensures that every dose is continuously visible, accounted for, and traceable. IntelliFlowRx eliminates large quantities of work and time spent using, tracking, matching, and searching for printed dose labels. IV dose compounding with IntelliFlowRx uses a unique combination of highly refined work-flow automation software, high-resolution digital photography, standard personal computers, and touch-screen workstations integrated via a secure back-end database. The system's unique combination of highresolution imaging and bar-code scanning verification allows work in the IV room to be streamlined and work flow optimized. For more information, visit, or call 888-434-8462.

eMAR Improves Long-term Care Pharmacy

Artromick International Inc's (Columbus, OH) eMAR technology for the long-term care pharmacy streamlines the process and enacts positive change for improved regulatory compliance and simplifies work flow in both the pharmacy and facility to promote cost-efficient delivery of care. eMAR also enhances communications and order processing. Using eMAR, long-term care facilities can increase consultant pharmacist productivity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with access to nursing facility eMAR records in real time from anywhere. Running on a Web-based platform, eMAR also reduces quantity and improves quality of communications with nursing facilities through a significant improvement of the medication order and reorder process. For more information, visit, or call 800-848-6462.

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