Published Online: Tuesday, January 1, 2008

AARP has been designated as a "Community Pharmacy Great Communicator" by the National Association of Chain Drug Stores.

A recent AARP poll, reported in AARP Bulletin (November 2007), showed that pharmacists received outstanding "favorable" ratings among the respondents. The poll showed that 86% of respondents 50 and over, as well as 78% of respondents younger than 50, had a positive opinion of pharmacists. Among those surveyed that were 50 and over, pharmacists received the highest favorable rating. The findings are consistent with other research indicating that pharmacists are widely seen as among the most trusted health care professionals in the nation.

The Community Pharmacy Great Communicator program was created to honor those who publicly highlight the importance of community pharmacy. Pharmacists do more than just provide patients with medications. They also offer counseling to patients regarding drug interactions, generic equivalents, and managing medication therapy.

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