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Published Online: Saturday, December 1, 2007   [ Request Print ]

Sponix Arthritis & Muscle Pain Relief

Marketed by:
BioRx Laboratories (Los Angeles, Calif), a subsidiary of AmexDrug Corp

Sponix Arthritis & Muscle Pain Relief provides relief and comfort to individuals with arthritis, muscle aches, joint aches, and neck and back pain. The extrastrength roll-on product provides relief on contact. Sponix Arthritis & Muscle Pain Relief offers deep penetrating pain relief and is easy to use and easy to apply to hard-to-reach areas. The long-lasting analgesic is greaseless and odor-free and contains aloe leaf juice, chamomilla flower extract, and amica montana flower extract. Sponix Arthritis & Muscle Pain Relief does not need to be rubbed, massaged, or bandaged. The product can be reapplied as needed, but one should not exceed 4 applications daily.

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Marketed by:
Nosefrida USA (Miami, Fla)

Nosefrida is a nasal aspirator that removes mucus from a child's nose. A child's tender nasal lining can become swollen from poking. Nosefrida is designed to be placed against the nostril, forming a seal, rather than inserted into the nostril like bulb aspirators. The product features a 15-in clear plastic tube that extends from a nasal nozzle, allowing parents to use their own suction to draw mucus out of their child's nose. Disposable filters prevent the user from catching the child's cold. The device is easy to clean and is dishwasher-safe. Nosefrida retails for $15.

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Marketed by:
Idea Village (Fairfield, NJ)

NutraMist is a new line of 4 fast-acting, pocket-size, oral spray supplements. The product uses the exclusive SmartSpray rapid-release technology that emits tiny micro-size droplets of the ultra-concentrated formulas that are sprayed directly into the mouth to be quickly absorbed in the body. The product line includes NutraMist Energy Shots for an instant vitamin B12 energy surge without caffeine; NutraMist Crave Control with Hoodia and green tea to help suppress food cravings; NutraMist Sleep Now for restful sleep without side effects; and NutraMist Immune Boost with vitamin C, echinacea, and a proprietary blend of herbs to help boost the immune system.

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EarCheck Middle Ear Monitor

Marketed by: Innovia Medical LLC (Lenexa, Kan)

The EarCheck Middle Ear Monitor is a home-use device that accurately detects middle ear fluid (otitis media with effusion), a key sign of an ear infection. The product helps identify when a child might have an ear infection, when it is necessary to seek medical attention, and when the fluid is going away or gone. The EarCheck Middle Ear Monitor has 4 easy steps, and the display indicates the likelihood of middle ear fluid and interprets the results: consult doctor, monitor, or fluid unlikely. The product is indicated for individuals aged 6 months to young adult.

For More Information::
888-EAR-CHEK (888-327-2435)

HOT OTC—PocketChem EZ Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Marketed by:
Arkray USA Inc (Minneapolis, Minn)

The PocketChem EZ Blood Glucose Monitoring System is indicated for patients with diabetes. The company received 510(k) clearance from the FDA to market this system earlier in the year. The easy-to-use system gives results in 10 seconds, requires a 1-?L sample size, and has a 250-count test memory with time and date stamp. The choice of palm or fingertip testing, combined with the ability to reapply blood within 10 seconds if the first drop is too small, makes testing more comfortable. The PocketChem EZ Blood Glucose Monitoring System also features a large, easy-to-read display for better viewing of test results.

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Spenco Rx Diabetic Support Foot Beds

Marketed by:
Spenco Medical Corp (Waco, Tex)

Many patients with diabetes have artery and nerve disease, which makes them prone to ulcers and infections that can lead to lowerextremity amputation. Patients must be protected from shearing, friction, and pressure. The Spenco Rx Diabetic Support Foot Beds are designed to provide total contact and to evenly distribute an individual's weight over a greater surface area, thus preventing ulcers from developing. This is accomplished by using specialized medical foams that mold to the bottom surface of the foot, filling in the complete topography of the foot. The top layer of the foot bed is made of Plastazote foam, which offers memory impression and impacts absorption to evenly distribute pressure, relieving sensitive areas of the foot. The bottom layer is made with a lightweight EVA base that is body-heat-activated. Over time, it will mold to the unique shape of the foot to give a precise level of support. The Spenco Rx Diabetic Support Foot Beds retail for $29.99.

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MyKidz Iron

Marketed by:
NextWave Pharmaceuticals (Vernon Hills, Ill)

MyKidz Iron is a liquid iron supplement that uses new suspension technology to offer a pleasant taste without staining clothes or teeth. A 2-mL dose of the supplement delivers 10 mg of elemental iron, which is the recommended daily dose for children under age 4. MyKidz Iron also includes 1500 international units (IU) of vitamin A, 35 mg of vitamin C, and 400 IU of vitamin D. The product is available in berry/banana flavor with no alcohol, dyes, or sugar.

For More Information:
866-697-WAVE (866-697-9283)

Delsym Extended-Release Suspension

Marketed by:
Adams Respiratory Therapeutics Inc (Chester, NJ)

Adams Respiratory Therapeutics Inc recently received FDA approval for its supplemental new drug application for a grape-flavored formulation of Delsym Extended-Release Suspension. The product controls cough for a full 12 hours with a single dose, providing all-day or all-night cough suppression with each dose for both children and adults. Delsym Extended-Release Suspension also is available in orange flavor.

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