Published Online: Saturday, September 1, 2007
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The public has been misled about the safety and equivalence of generic medicines by a number of ?misstatements? broadcast recently on NBC TV?s early-morning Today Show, officials at the Generic Pharmaceutical Association (GPhA) charged. GPhA released a statement correcting a number of the televised errors, stressing that ?all consumers should know that?generic medicines must contain the identical amount of active ingredient as the brand? product.

In an effort to ?set the record straight,? the association stressed that ?the [FDA] has repeatedly and officially stated that generic, or therapeutically equivalent, drugs can be substituted with the full expectation by the patient and the doctor that they will have the same clinical effect and safety profile as the innovator drug.?

GPhA encouraged patients with questions to ?get the complete facts about generics by asking their doctors and pharmacists and by visiting the FDA?s Web site? or the association?s own Web site,

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