Published Online: Friday, June 1, 2007
<p>On average, male pharmacists earn higher salaries than females. Yet, there is no evidence of gender discrimination against women in pharmacy, concluded a new study.</p>
<p>The researchers found &ldquo;statistically significant salary disparities&rdquo; between men and women pharmacists in the 6 states studied. They concluded, however, that those differences were the result of more men being in higher-paid pharmacy-management positions.</p>
<p>When the researchers controlled for a variety of factors&mdash;including practice setting, position, years of experience, and terminal degree&mdash;the wage disparities disappeared altogether, according to the results of a study recently reported in Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy.</p>
<p>The study identified management responsibilities as a key factor in determining whether some pharmacists are paid more than others. The researchers found little evidence, however, that practice setting is a significant determining factor for most pharmacists.</p>
<p>In only 2 of the 6 states surveyed&mdash;Minnesota and Wisconsin&mdash;the researchers found that wages were significantly higher for pharmacists employed by chains and hospitals, compared with those working in independent pharmacies.</p>

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