Published Online: Friday, June 1, 2007
<p>The next time a natural disaster strikes, pharmacies will be ready with emergency prescription drug information.</p>
<p>The initiative, known as Rx History, was first tested as part of a response to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. In the event of an emergency, licensed prescribers and pharmacists can access the service and securely view a patient&rsquo;s Rx history.</p>
<p>Should a disaster occur, some of the biggest retailers will provide access to Rx History through the Pharmacy Health Information Exchange, operated by Sure-Scripts. Other pharmacies will be added in the near future and as needed.<br>
  Prescribers can visit www.ICERX.org or call 888-ICERX-50 (888-423-7950) to register for access. For a related article, go to <a href="www.pharmacytimes.com/disaster" target="_blank">www.pharmacytimes.com/disaster</a>.</p>

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