Published Online: Thursday, February 1, 2007

The landmark High Performance Pharmacy study identifies the core best practices that define high performance within a hospital pharmacy. The study categorizes these best practices so that health system executives and pharmacy leaders can implement them to enhance patient safety, clinical quality, and financial performance.

These best practices form what the study identifies as the 8 Dimensions of High Performance: leadership, medication preparation, patient care services, medication safety, medication use policy, financial performance, human resource management, and education. Building on the 8 dimensions, the study also provides the industry's first set of ~70 financial and clinical performance indicators that health systems can follow to gauge their progress in reaching these 8 goals.

Southwest Washington Medical Center and Loma Linda University Medical Center are 2 health systems that have implemented many of the best practices outlined in the study. Both health care facilities have seen significant results.

The study, from the Health Systems Pharmacy Executive Alliance and McKesson Corp, is available at

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