New Hampshire Pushes for E-prescribing

Published Online: Friday, December 1, 2006

Gov John Lynch (D, NH) and Citizens Health Initiative recently announced a goal for all physicians in the state to use electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) by 2008. The Citizens Health Initiative includes physicians, pharmacists, insurers, and representatives from hospitals.

Currently, 80% of the pharmacies in the state have the technology for eprescribing, and physicians would not have to invest in a specific technology to participate, according to Phil Boulter, a member of the initiative. The group is also working with health insurance providers to develop common pay-forperformance standards, including incentives for physicians to adopt the technology.

Gov Lynch explained that e-prescribing "will improve health care quality and help save lives, while at the same time reducing health care costs and improving the efficiency of our health care system." Physicians are not concerned about the cost; the issue is whether the system will be compatible with everyone using it, and that it will remain compatible in the future, noted Palmer Jones, executive director of the New Hampshire Medical Society.

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