SureScripts Integrates Alchemy into Prescribing Network

Published Online: Wednesday, November 1, 2006
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Gold Standard Inc and SureScripts have formed a partnership. SureScripts will incorporate Gold Standard's Alchemy's drug product file and clinical hierarchy drug classification feature into the SureScript's Electronic Prescribing Network.

Under the terms of the agreement, Alchemy will support the SureScripts medication history service, which collects prescription data from multiple community pharmacies to provide physicians with a view of a patient's medication history. SureScripts will use Alchemy's drug product file, where required, to filter information on sensitive medications, and Alchemy's proprietary clinical hierarchy.

Integrated seamlessly into any system or application, Alchemy's drug product profile is updated daily. The updates include US brand and generic prescription drugs, OTC products, herbals, vitamins and nutritional products, medical devices, and diagnostic kits. Therefore, Alchemy provides solutions for National Drug Code challenges; follows drug attribute changes; removes brand/generic obstacles, provides more comprehensive manufacturer data; and features more complete storage information.

The multitiered proprietary clinical hierarchy organizes products at a conceptual stage through a combination of therapeutic classifications, then through drug product groupings. It allows users to combine data into major classifications that more closely align with how the products are used in the market, compared with just therapeutic classifications.

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