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NOVEMBER 01, 2006

SP 50

ScriptPro (Mission, Kan) recently added the SP 50 to its line of robotic dispensing systems. SP 50 is the ideal fit for pharmacies that have lower prescription volumes or space restrictions but need the safety and efficiency of robotic dispensing. The system will allow these stores to grow and maintain customer service without increasing staff. The product's compact system is the perfect introduction to robotic dispensing for pharmacies filling <150 prescriptions per day. SP 50 handles the pharmacy's 50 top selling tablets and capsules and uses ScriptPro's robotic dispensing technology to deliver filled and labeled vials to the pharmacist for final inspection. SP 50 uses a robotic arm to take a prescription vial to a medication cell for hands-free dispensing and labeling with no drug cross-contamination. The cells can be easily calibrated on-site to handle all tablets and capsules. Barcode scanning is used throughout the process to ensure that the correct drug is dispensed to the patient every time. The pharmacist makes a final check for accuracy, comparing the pills in the vial with an on-screen image from ScriptPro's comprehensive drug database. For more information, visit, or call 800-606-7628.

Medication Pathfinder

Clinical Support Services (Buffalo, NY) recently introduced Medication Pathfinder. The product allows pharmacists to develop an added revenue stream of patient consultative services. The software helps create complete patient profiles by gathering patients' medical condition and prescription data from several sources, allowing the pharmacist to provide medication recommendations that improve care and reduce costs. Medication Pathfinder meets national standards for medication therapy management (MTM) services and has 5 easy-touse modules to assist participating pharmacists: (1) DataPath, the patient register module; (2) InterviewPath, for on-site information gathering; (3) RecommendationPath, which provides a standard and efficient way to produce recommendations categorized by medical problem and intervention type; (4) ReportPath, for producing documentation for the physician and patient; and (5) BillingPath, which produces HCFA 1500 bills using the American Medical Association's MTM billing codes. Furthermore, pharmacists can provide their patients with comprehensive medical documentation with PMR Smart, which allows patients complete access to their medical records from any Internet connection. Visit for more information.

SecureVault 4.0

Omnicell Inc (Mountain View, Calif) recently introduced the SecureVault 4.0, a complete system for closed-loop management of controlled substances. The product solution combines software with advanced automated dispensing technology, enabling hospital pharmacies to track, monitor, and control the movement of controlled substances from a central vault to one or more locations. For automated and nonautomated inventories, the system provides a wide range of benefits including compliance with regulatory standards, increased efficiency for the pharmacy, and improved administrative decision making. Features of the SecureVault 4.0 include real-time, 2-way communication, improving accuracy and reducing pharmacy staff waiting time; downtime alerts to let the user know of system and/or hospital interface issues; new and improved reports, including a single all-detail report of each transaction related to controlled substances from receipt to patient issue; and management of several inventories within the pharmacy for outpatient medications or off-site storage. For more information, visit, or call 800-850-6664.

Skyscape STAT

Skyscape (Marlborough, Mass) recently announced that its medical information service now operates on the Windows Mobile Smartphone platform—the newest addition to the Skyscape STAT umbrella of offerings—including the newly introduced Motorola Q, Cingular 2125, T-Mobile SDA, Motorola i930 from Sprint, and SPV C600 from Orange. Skyscape STAT provides its users with the immediate ability to span across technologies, products, features, and services to get the information they need using whatever platform they desire. The extension of Skyscape's product line into the Windows Mobile-powered Smartphone arena means users now have access to Skyscape's SmARTlink technology. This proprietary technology gives users access to all of Skyscape's fully integrated 300+ medical resources—including updates to some 30+ unique medical specialties—thus making it easier for them to access e-mail, the Internet, and breaking medical news. For more information, visit

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