can you READ these Rxs?

OCTOBER 01, 2006

Rx One: Registered Pharmacist Dilesh Patel, chief pharmacist and president of Hillcrest Pharmacy in Pennsauken, NJ, thought that this prescription was particularly interesting?so much so that he shared it with his colleagues in hopes of finding out what it could be. When no one could come up with the answer, he called the prescribing physician, who requested that he fax the paperwork over for clarification. Can you determine what this prescription is for?

Rx Two: Registered Pharmacist Rebecca Sohoni of Shop Rite Pharmacy in Hamilton, NJ, was perplexed by this prescription. She had an extremely difficult time deciphering the physician's handwriting. The rest of the pharmacy staff also took a stab at trying to uncover this mystery prescription. Finally, the pharmacy placed a call to the prescribing physician's office for an explanation. What do you think the physician ordered?

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Rx 1: Topicort 0.25%, apply bid, 60 g. Rx 2: Ultracet, #40, 1 tablet qid prn.


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