Martin A. Erickson III, RPh
Published Online: Friday, September 1, 2006

Q: How can I prepare an antiperspirant using aluminum chloride?

A: Aluminum chloride has been used as a remedy for hyperhidrosis. The hexahydrate form has a molecular weight of 241.4 and is soluble 1 part in approximately 1 of water and 1 part in 4 of ethanol. One study suggested a 20% solution in alcohol as an antiperspirant; concentrations as high as 25% have been applied for the condition. Aluminum chloride may be irritating upon long-term, repeated application; disintegration of glandular skin structures locally with such use has been reported. Perhaps the solution in a roll-on container will provide the antiperspirant required.

Aluminum Chloride 25% Solution, Calculated to Make 120 mL (Antiperspirant)


Aluminum chloride crystals 30.00 g

Hot water 12.00 mL

Denatured alcohol qsad 120.00 mL


1. Dissolve a portion of the aluminum chloride in the hot water.

2. Add 90 mL of the denatured alcohol to dissolve the rest of the aluminum chloride.

3. Add sufficient denatured alcohol to reach the desired volume.

Notes: Label container "FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY." No claims are made as to the uses, safety, efficacy, or bioavailability of this product. The formula is for informational purposes only.

Mr. Erickson is director of professional affairs at Gallipot Inc.

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