Partnership Delivers Customized Care Services

Published Online: Thursday, June 1, 2006

A strategic alliance between WellPoint Inc and Resolution Health Inc (RHI) aims to improve patient compliance with care recommendations and lower out-of-pocket expenses. The goal will be achieved through personalized communication that allows patients to take better control of their health and health care decision making.

WellPoint will use RHI's proprietary technology and >1000 computer algorithms to find new opportunities to help close the gap between care that is recommended—based on nationally accepted, evidence-based clinical guidelines—and care that beneficiaries truly receive. Furthermore, RHI tools will be used to inform patients about the out-of-pocket cost savings by making more informed health care decisions.

Using its data-analytic capabilities, RHI will assess WellPoint's patients' medical and pharmacy claims data, laboratory results, and information that members provide through on-line health assessments and personal health records. These analyses will become the foundation for customized communication programs that target both patients and their physicians.

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