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JUNE 01, 2006


PrairieStone Pharmacy (Minneapolis, Minn) recently introduced DailyMed, a retail drug packaging solution that presorts multiple prescriptions, OTC medications, and vitamins into easy-to-use, single-dose packets. These sealed packets are arranged by the date and time they should be taken. With DailyMed, patients receive a month's supply of their medications all at once inside a convenient dispensing box. The packets are connected by a perforation so they are easily accessible. The goal of DailyMed is to improve the lives of patients who use the dispensing system and their caregivers. The product does this not only by making it easier for patients to take their medications and thereby better manage their health conditions, but also by allowing PrairieStone pharmacists to review a patient's entire drug profile and identify drug interactions, lower cost alternatives, or duplicate therapies. For more information, visit, or call 800-973-1955.

On-Demand IVR Service

TeleManager Technologies Inc (Newark, NJ) recently introduced the On- Demand IVR [interactive voice response] Service. The service allows pharmacy staff to answer phones when they can, ensuring they continue to offer a personal touch to their patients. With this approach, pharmacies only pay for what they use. The On-Demand IVR Service is risk-free, has no equipment cost, has no obsolescence, and has no busy signals. When a patient or prescriber dials the pharmacy and the phone is not answered, the call is handled by TeleManager's central IVR host and is seamlessly routed back to the pharmacy. The system can be integrated with a pharmacy's management system or used on a stand-alone basis. The benefits are as follows: service is transparent to patients and physicians calling the pharmacy; there are no monthly maintenance fees or costly upgrades; it eliminates the need to put patients on hold; and no additional equipment needs to be installed in the pharmacy. For more information, visit, or call 800-600-0435.

Mettler Toledo Pharmacy Line

Mettler Toledo (Columbus, Ohio) recently introduced a new line of balances—the Mettler Toledo Pharmacy Line. Tailored to the needs of pharmacies worldwide, the pharmacy line offers dedicated software solutions and reliable weighing technology for trouble- free daily operation. The product line includes a dedicated software solution that mixes formulations and medications with the function "Formula"—which, with the touch of a button, counts pills or tablets using the counting application and assures accurate results in unstable environments with the vibration adapter. All the balances in the Mettler Toledo Pharmacy Line have a customized design. The Aesculap symbol is internationally understood and points out that this balance is made for pharmacists. All 1-and 0.1-mg balances are equipped with a draft shield that can be easily cleaned. Temperature changes can influence the accuracy of the weighing effects. With the Fully Automatic Calibration Technology, the balance eliminates these effects for accurate results under all conditions. The pharmacy line comprises a broad portfolio of balances for use in pharmacies. From a 0.01-g precision balance up to a 0.1-mg analytical balance, pharmacists may find the perfect balance for their pharmacy. For more information, visit

Web-based Advanced Bar Code Technology

Correct Rx Pharmacy Services (Linthicum, Md) recently launched a pilot program with a new bar-code technology, arming customers with the tools and knowledge to improve accuracy and check in orders more efficiently. The process begins when Correct Rx employees use the Web-Based Advanced Bar Code Technology to scan a bar code attached to a prescription to verify that the prescription in the shipping container completely corresponds with the customer's prescription order. When the prescription arrives, the facility medical personnel scan the bar code on the medication order, which also lists the shipment contents, and the Web-based program double-checks the scanned contents against the actual packing list. This double check saves time and reduces human error when unpacking prescription orders. If a discrepancy occurs, however, the system automatically submits a report to the customer as well as to Correct Rx so that the problem can easily be rectified. For more information, visit, or call 800-636-0501.

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