Web-based Program Aids Health Care Industry

Published Online: Monday, May 1, 2006

Wolters Kluwer Health's Price Rx is now available for health care professionals. The Web-based software application delivers quick and easy access to Medi-Span's Master Drug Database for pricing information, with powerful analytical, formulary, and reporting tools.

PriceRx provides improved technology for better efficiency and productivity, with daily pricing and product information updates and flexible access through a secure Internet connection. The software application allows health care professionals to eliminate information technology support costs and application maintenance. Individuals also can search for products by manufacturer, national drug code, trade name, and generic name, and by Medi-Span's generic identifier therapeutic classification system.

The software application also combines drug-pricing data with clinical dosing parameters from Medi-Span's Medication Order Management database, to calculate daily and total cost therapy. Furthermore, it generates complete reports of generic and therapeutic-equivalent products, constructs and maintains multiple formulary lists, and creates complete price history, changes, and analysis reports for an individual product or subsets of products.

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