Published Online: Monday, May 1, 2006

SIMpill (Cape Town, South Africa) has introduced the SIMpill medication adherence system to the North American market through a distribution agreement with Clinical Technology Advisors (CTA) Inc (Acton, Mass). CTA's initial focus will be the deployment of the SIMpill in the clinical trials and disease management environments. The patent-pending system tracks, manages, and improves a patient's medication adherence in real time. The system consists of a durable, tamper-proof pill bottle attached to a SIMpill module that contains the components of a wireless quad-band GSM/GPRS cell phone. The module is programmed with multiple time windows based on the dosing schedule of the drug. When the patient opens the bottle, the module automatically sends a short message service (SMS) text message to a central computer system, indicating that a dose has been taken. If the SMS message is not received within the first programmed time window, an outgoing text message is sent to the patient's cell phone (and/or e-mail), reminding the patient to take the medication. If the bottle is not opened within the next programmed time window, a text message can be sent to a designated caregiver or researcher, who can then contact the patient by another means. In addition, as SMS events are captured, approved health care managers can track the patients' medication adherence in real time, using SIMpill's proprietary Web-based reporting tool. For additional information, visit or

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