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Published Online: Monday, May 1, 2006
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This script proved problematic for Registered Pharmacist Arvid Nielsen, of Ritchie Medical Plaza Pharmacy in St. Paul, Minn. Nielsen had a hard time deciphering the prescribing physician's order. The patient also was unable to provide any clues about this mystery prescription. Instead of spending a lot of time playing detective, Nielsen called the physician to solve the mystery. Can you decode the secret prescription?

Registered Pharmacist Carla Rowe and pharmacy technician Melanie Flores, of Fry's Marketplace Pharmacy in Tempe, Ariz, were unable to interpret the drug name from this prescription. The patient also was unable to shed any light on what the prescribing physician ordered. The pharmacy faxed the prescription to the physician's office for clarification. Do you need help figuring out this prescription?

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Rx 1: Synthroid 150 mcg, #30, 1 tablet qd, 2 refills. Rx 2: For leg cramps, Quinine sulfate 325 mg, 1 tablet hs, #30.

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