Published Online: Saturday, April 1, 2006

Rx One: Registered Pharmacist Khalid Naseem, of Neighborhood Pharmacy Inc in Bronx, NY, received this prescription early in the morning. At first glance, Naseem and his staff thought it looked like "Slow pack," which did not make sense to any of them. The pharmacist figured it out, however, after reading the directions. Naseem then called the prescribing physician, who confirmed his assessment. Do you know what medication is being prescribed?

Rx Two: This prescription came into the pharmacy late one evening. Pharmacy student Cornelius Brown of CVS/pharmacy #1428 in Ranson, WV, could not interpret the prescribing physician's messy handwriting. He asked David L. Everhart, PharmD, MBA, for assistance. Dr. Everhart had trouble determining what drug was being ordered, but he had an idea after looking at the dosing and strength. They called the physician the following day for verification. Can you get past the illegible handwriting and figure out this prescription?

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 Rx 1: : Glucophage 500 mg, 1 tablet bid. Rx 2: Zovirax 800 mg, #50, 1 tablet po 5x day.

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