CareAware RxStation

APRIL 01, 2006

Cerner Corp (Kansas City, Mo) recently launched the CareAware RxStation, a robotic drug dispenser for hospitals. The device runs on the Cerner Millennium operating system, allowing nurses and physicians to connect directly with a patient's medical records to automatically get the correct medicines. The CareAware RxStation is available in 7 different models: Rx- Station 410 Unit Dose Dispenser, which delivers unit-dose, oral solid medications in a packaged format, allowing for the medication to be in the manufacturer's packaging or repackaged into standard packaging with or without a bar code; RxStation 420 Large Item Dispenser, which delivers unit-dose or multidose packaged medications with different packaging types; RxStation 430 Storage Tower, a comprehensive device for storage and management of medical-surgical supplies; RxStation 60 Pharmacy Fill Station, an automated device for correlating packaged medications with radio frequency identification tags affixed to trays in the RxStation 410 or in bins in the RxStation 420; RxStation 900 Controlled Substance Vault, designed for the storage and management of controlled substances in the central pharmacy; RxStation 800 Pharmacy Storage Tower, which stores noncontrolled substances in the central pharmacy; and RxStation 10 Pharmacy Transport Cart, which facilitates the efficient, secure transport of medications to the patient care areas. For more information, visit

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