Patient RecordTechnology Going Strong

MARCH 01, 2006

Central Patient Record technology is now used in >700 stores in multiple chains throughout the United States, reported Version 1 of the new Enterprise Pharmacy System (EPS V1) facilitates the chainwide exchange of demographic, prescription, clinical, and transaction data. The system permits true chain-wide drug utilization review (DUR) and allows patients to have prescriptions filled and refilled at any store in the chain. Furthermore, the EPS is integrated with the e-pharmacy Web engine, which enables patients to view their complete medication profile for all prescriptions filled at any store within a chain.

SUPERVALU Pharmacies Inc, with >190 pharmacies in 10 states, has completed its rollout of EPS V1. "Our pharmacy teams have experienced improved productivity as customers move between neighboring locations," said Registered Pharmacist Denise Schultz, director of pharmacy support for SUPERVALU. "Having this access enables our pharmacists to provide meaningful consultations with our customers relative to their medication therapy."

Pittsburgh, Pa-based Giant Eagle, with pharmacies in 184 of its supermarkets, also completed its chain-wide rollout of EPS V1. "Another benefit of the EPS V1 is the chain-wide DUR," said Registered Pharmacist Randy Heiser, vice president of pharmacy for Giant Eagle. "If a patient goes to multiple pharmacies, his/her patient records are available centrally. Therefore, a pharmacist can perform drug utilization review across all the patient's medications, allowing better quality service." will continue the rollout of the central patient record technology throughout 2006 and anticipates another 2700 stores to be live on the technology by the end of the year.

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