Good Neighbor Pharmacies Join SureScripts

Published Online: Wednesday, March 1, 2006

AmerisourceBergen Corp's Good Neighbor Pharmacy network is now a founding member of SureScripts. Membership in SureScripts proves AmerisourceBergen's continued commitment to help independent pharmacies prepare for and derive value from electronic prescribing (e-prescribing). The SureScripts enrollment is a step in ensuring that Good Neighbor Pharmacies will have the necessary tools for e-prescribing, thus improving clinical, economic, and operational efficiencies.

Good Neighbor Pharmacies across the country (>2400) will be provided with help to make a smooth transition to e-prescribing through a connection to the SureScripts Electronic Prescribing Network. Access to e-prescribing will im-prove the pharmacies' efficiency in the prescribing process by avoiding the need for manual data entry, faxes, and phone calls, and will enhance the safety of the process by eliminating the potential for misunderstandings based on poor handwriting and medications with similar names.

The new Health and Human Services (HHS) regulations support e-prescribing for Medicare Part D. As part of the Medicare Modernization Act, Medicare will require pharmacies participating in the prescription drug benefit to endorse e-prescribing. HHS is creating standards and steps to encourage the adoption of e-prescribing. Amerisource- Bergen will work with Good Neighbor Pharmacy members to complete connectivity to the SureScripts network and launch physician outreach into the community.

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