Published Online: Wednesday, March 1, 2006

The "Guide to Affordable Medicine," Merck's new information resource for consumers, provides information on the many government and private programs that offer drugs at a discount or free of cost.

"People without prescription coverage are less likely to use medications and more likely to stop therapy that could potentially save lives, keep them out of the hospital, and allow them to lead more productive, healthier lives," commented Nancy Wicks, executive vice president for the Merck Patient Assistance Program Inc.

Millions of Americans need help paying for their medication, and many are not aware of programs that are available to help them get the medicines they need. The "Guide to Affordable Medicine" helps patients find the right program for them, determine their enrollment eligibility, understand how to navigate the paperwork and approval process, and answer frequently asked questions. The resource includes both public (eg, Medicaid and Medicare) and private programs, such as prescription assistance and discount programs. For a free copy of the guide, visit, or call 888- MERCK-38 (888-637-2538).

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