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Published Online: Wednesday, February 1, 2006
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Rx 1:Tina Bresnahan, CPhT, and the staff of Walgreens Pharmacy in Pahrump, Nev, were stumped when this prescription came across the counter.They made several attempts to figure out the medication being ordered without success. Bresnahan finally called the prescribing physician's office for clarification. Can you translate this prescription?

Rx 2:Pharmacy student Cori VanDevender and Don Anderson, PharmD, of CVS Pharmacy in Pell City, Ala, did not know where to begin when this prescription came in to the pharmacy. Their first step was to try to determine how many scripts were included. Even with help from other pharmacy staff members, they still could not figure out the number of scripts or what medications the physician was prescribing. They placed a call to the prescribing physician for validation. Can you unscramble this garbled prescription?

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Rx 1: Levaquin 500 mg, #9, 1 tablet qd x 9 days. Rx 2: Suboxone 8 mg, tid, #30; Deconamine SR, 1 po prn for congestion, #20; Tussi-Organidin DM, 1 tsp po q 4-6h prn for cough for 14 days.

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