High Alert Insulin Bin

JANUARY 01, 2006

Health Care Logistics (Circleville, Ohio) recently introduced the High Alert Insulin Bin to help health care providers choose medication with confidence by requiring 2 action steps to complete the process. First, health care providers picking medication from the refrigerator must read the highly visible warning labels on the outside of the bin. Second, they must lift the clear lid to retrieve the insulin vial. These steps require staff to stop and think about whether they are picking the correct medication before making the mistake of giving the patient the wrong medication. Also, the High Alert Insulin Bin?s bold red color can be easily distinguished from ordinary medication compartments, which significantly reduces the potential for medication errors during storage and dispensing. The High Alert Insulin Bin includes one "STOP! Potential Error Double Check" label and 2 "HIGH ALERT INSULINS" labels. The product accommodates a 10- pack of insulin vials or a sleeve of 10 individual packages of insulin. For more information, call 800-848-1633, or visit www.healthcarelogistics.com.



Conference Coverage from ASHP Summer 2017 

Four years after they first launched the Summer Meetings in Minneapolis, Minn., the ASHP 2017 Summer Meetings and Exhibition was in Minneapolis once again.  


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