Ceftriaxone Injection USP

Published Online: Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Baxter Healthcare Corp (Deerfield, Ill) recently received FDA approval of Ceftriaxone Injection USP 1 g/50 mL and 2 g/50 mL, packaged in single-dose plastic containers and finished as a frozen intravenous solution. Ceftriaxone is the generic version of Roche Pharmaceuticals' Rocephin. The drug is indicated for the treatment of susceptible bacterial infections in the lung, skin, abdomen, genitourinary tract, ear, blood, central nervous system, bone, and joint. Ceftriaxone Injection USP also is indicated for surgical prophylaxis. The recommended dosage regimen for Ceftriaxone Injection USP is 1 to 2 g given once daily (or in equally divided doses twice a day), depending on the type and severity of the infection. For more information, visit www.baxter.com.

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