Published Online: Saturday, October 1, 2005

Rx One: Understanding the medication on this prescription was not a problem for Registered Pharmacist Paul C. Krusta of Central Michigan Healthcare System in Mt. Pleasant, Mich. The directions, however, were a different story. The series of numbers offered no explanation. When Krusta called the physician for clarification, a "fill-in" emergency physician was on duty. He was able to provide the pharmacy with the correct dosage. Can you crack the code on this prescription?

Rx Two: Theresa Naske, CPhT, and the staff of Eckerd Drugs in Stone Ridge, NY, are familiar with prescriptions from the physician who wrote the script in question. This particular prescription was different, however. No one at the pharmacy was able to decipher the handwriting. A call was placed to the physician's office for clarification. Can you figure out the drug being ordered?

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Rx 1: Cipro HC, 3 drops 2 times daily for 7 days in affected ear; Rx 2: Tenormin 25 mg, hs, #30.

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