Published Online: Friday, July 1, 2005

ONE:Registered Pharmacist Jeff Saul, of Kmart Pharmacy #4479 in Harrisburg, Pa, has been reading prescriptions for more than 30 years. This prescription, however, really stumped the experienced pharmacist. Instead of spending a lot of time trying to figure out the prescribing physician's handwriting, Saul called the physician for clarification. Can you solve this mystery prescription?

TWO: Registered Pharmacist Wendy McPherson and Crystal Pannell, CPhT, of Walgreens Pharmacy in Johnson City, Tenn, were perplexed when looking at this prescription. They were unable to determine the drug being ordered. A call was placed to the prescribing physician's nurse for verification. Can you unscramble this prescription?

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Rx 1: Prenatal vitamins, #30, 1 pill po daily, 10 refills;

Rx 2: Nasonex, #1, 2 sprays qd, 6 refills.

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