Allergen Immunotherapy Remains Effective

Published Online: Friday, July 1, 2005

Patients undergoing a 3-to 5-year course of allergen immunotherapy shots still see the benefits for >5 years after stopping treatment. The findings are based on a survey of immunotherapy patients in Tennessee. The study looked at the return of allergy symptoms in 2 groups of patients—126 had finished immunotherapy 1 to 4 years prior and 167 had completed the regimen 5 to 12 years prior.

"We did not find any major differences in these 2 [groups]—those being off shots 1 to 4 years and those being off shots 5 or more years,"said lead investigator John M. Fahrenholz, MD.

The results of the study showed, in the 1-to 4-year group, that the average symptom scores before immunotherapy, at the completion of immunotherapy, and at present were 8.48, 2.96, and 3.97, respectively. The second group's scores for these time periods were 8.26, 2.94, and 3.95, respectively.

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