SureScripts Develops Regulatory Map

Published Online: Sunday, May 1, 2005

SureScripts'interactive map shows 39 states where regulatory environments are favorable for electronic prescribing connectivity. (For a view of the map, visit In creating the map, the company reviewed and analyzed pharmacy board and other relevant rules in each state and the District of Columbia to assess the regulatory landscape and to identify regulatory obstacles to implementing electronic prescribing.

For example, SureScripts needed to determine whether state laws permit electronic prescribing and whether the laws allow it the way SureScripts is implementing it. The company worked with local partners to change statutes and regulations to allow electronic prescribing connectivity where necessary.

The map highlights SureScripts'state-by-state regulatory progress with markers of "Regulations Favorable," "In Progress," or "Regulations Unfavorable." "Regulations Favorable" indicates states that are ready for electronic prescribing connectivity if current enabling rules in the state are followed; 39 states currently have the designation. "In Progress" status is given to states that have 1 or more issues that need to be worked through before electronic prescribing can move forward; 9 states and the District of Columbia are in this phase. "Regulations Unfavorable" currently is applied to 3 states (Georgia, South Carolina, and Wyoming) that have specific, significant barriers to electronic prescribing at this time.

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