Campaign Focuses on Rx Drugs and Pharmacists

Published Online: Saturday, January 1, 2005

The Sarasota Group, a consortium of national community pharmacy organizations and pharmaceutical manufacturers, is educating consumers about the value of prescription drugs and the role the community pharmacist plays in health care. The "Community Pharmacy Value Campaign" began in November 2004 and will continue for 6 months.

A total of 80 pharmacies in 4 cities will reach out to patients to explain the value of prescription medicines and how the community pharmacist helps patients maximize the benefits of those medicines. At the end of the pilot program, a survey will be conducted to evaluate the pilot's impact and to help determine the value of expanding the program.

As part of the campaign, patients will receive a consumer brochure and bag stuffers, in both English and Spanish. The handouts focus on the roles the community pharmacist and prescription medications play in helping individuals live longer, healthier lives. The materials stress the importance of medication management and that the correct use of medicines not only improves overall health and well-being, but also helps patients avoid the need for more costly and complicated treatments.

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