Published Online: Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Rx One: Dara Meltzer, PharmD, of Shaw's Pharmacy in Boston, Mass, was "floating through" as a substitute pharmacist when this prescription was brought into the pharmacy. Apparently the prescribing physician's handwriting is notoriously bad. Luckily, the technicians were familiar with this physician's orders, because his office is located across the street from the pharmacy. Can you figure out this prescription?

Rx Two: Registered Pharmacist George Thomas of Agra Pharmacy Inc, Bronx, NY, knew that this prescription was going to be time-consuming. After spending time trying to determine the prescribing physician's order with no luck, Thomas called the physician's office for an explanation. Can your powers of deduction help you decipher this prescription?

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Rx 1: Remeron 15 mg, #30, 1 tablet qhs, 2 refills

Rx 2: Verelan PM 200 mg, #30, 1 tablet po daily

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