Procedure Does Not Cause Bladder Blockage

SEPTEMBER 01, 2004

A study, reported in Urology (July 2004), found that sling surgery works for urinary incontinence in men and does not block the bladder. Sling surgery involves placing a silicone-coated mesh band internally around the urethra. Tension on the sling is adjusted to resist urine pressure to a certain point, so that leakage under physical stress is stopped.

Because of concern about the procedure impeding normal voiding, the researchers examined 22 men with incontinence whose urinary function was evaluated before and after undergoing the operation. The participants were followed for 25 months. Prior to surgery, urine leakage was rated as a big problem by 15 men and as a moderate problem by 7. After the procedure, however, 3 patients rated urine leakage as a big problem, 3 as a moderate problem, and 16 as little or no problem. None of the participants developed bladder blockage. The researchers stated that this improvement coincided with a drop in pad use and with an improvement in urinary function tests.


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