October Designated American Pharmacists Month

Published Online: Wednesday, September 1, 2004

In October, the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) will launch American Pharmacists Month, a national education campaign aimed at celebrating the role of the pharmacist in health care and urging consumers to "Know Your Medicine. Know Your Pharmacist." Johnson & Johnson/Merck and McNeil Consumer Pharmaceuticals are joining the APhA as the founding national sponsors of the event.

The focus of the campaign is to inform consumers about the value of talking with local pharmacists and getting the most out of their medicines. During October, consumers can take the necessary steps toward keeping a safe and well-stocked medicine cabinet using the 3 "R's" of Medicine Cabinet Safety:

  • Read the labels; check dosing instructions and expiration dates
  • Remove expired medicines
  • Restock those items essential to meeting the health needs of everyone in the home

Another goal of the campaign is to have consumers T.A.L.K. to their pharmacists. The campaign acronym stands for:

  • Tell your pharmacist why you are here today and what he or she should know about your health
  • Ask questions about your medicines
  • Listen, learn, and follow recommendations and instructions provided
  • Know the name(s) of the all the prescriptions and nonprescription medications you are taking

The APhA has designated Tuesdays (T.A.L.K. Tuesdays) during October for consumers. On these days, callers will be able to talk to a live pharmacist by calling 877-2MY-MEDS (877-269-6337). For more information about Medicine Cabinet Safety, visit www.aphanet.org or www.mymedcab.com.

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