Software Developer and Pharmacy BenefitDirect Form Partnership

Published Online: Saturday, May 1, 2004
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In an effort to help consumers make informed pharmacy benefit decisions, RxEOB?developer of consumer-directed software data for employees and health plans?and Pharmacy BenefitDirect have joined forces. The expansion of Pharmacy BenefitDirect's Web application will allow plan members to work together with their physician and health plan to choose cheaper prescription drugs.

RxEOB's service is connected to internal data utilization and outside data sources to provide members with information and personal claims history, and to create an audit mechanism through feedback.Additionally, the application will support the care-management function and provide decision- support capabilities for the health plan.

"Integrating this software into a full-service pharmacy benefit management program provides health plans with the tools to enable their members to become active participants in the selection of less costly drugs, reduces their members' outof- pocket expenses, and positions the health plan for successful outcomes," explained Doug Wittenauer, president of Pharmacy BenefitDirect.

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