PDS Helps Pharmacy and Business Come Together

APRIL 01, 2004

Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) wants to help independent pharmacies become more business-oriented. The consulting firm recently launched innovative courses guaranteed to help private pharmacy owners optimize business practices and see a dramatic increase in their annual profits.

The average independent pharmacy owner leaves a minimum of $25,000 in net pretax profit unclaimed each year because of inefficient business practices that can easily be corrected, according to Dan Benamoz, president of PDS. He added that 1 of the biggest hurdles currently facing the independent pharmacist is how to become the most dispensable employee in the company rather than the most needed. The pharmacist must have more time away from the business in order to focus on the business and be successful.

The firm's unique methods give independent owners an advantage in a largely monopolistic market. The company offers management and employee training, pharmacy-acquisition counseling, and business-development consultations to independent pharmacies across the nation. On average, PDS clients can see an increase in profits ranging from $25,000 to $120,000 annually. Visit www.pharmacy-owners.com for more information about PDS.


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