Partnership Addresses Packaging Solutions

Published Online: Monday, March 1, 2004

GlobalSight Corp is partnering with M&H Informatics to incorporate the Ambassador software solution as part of its mhPDS [Packaging Design Suite] 3-D visualization technology. M&H is a leading provider of consulting and information technologies. mhPDS allows large pharmaceutical companies to make critical packaging decisions.

The basis of the partnership was to address the growing requirements of regulatory bodies that make pharmaceutical companies stick to a set of regulations regarding labeling, packaging, and language use. The combined solutions will address the difficulties inherent in developing compliance-ready materials in multiple languages, in rapid time, cost-effectively, while reducing the margin of error.

mhPDS is a tool that allows pharmaceutical companies to view and make changes to packaging in 2- and 3-dimensional formats, to free-rotate the item in any direction, and to edit the text and design elements. This is accompanied by workflow management to guarantee the necessary control, approval, and audit needed for this highly regulated industry.

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