March 2003: Rx Image Two

Mark S. Pass of Lawrence Pharmacy in Gainesville, Ga
Published Online: Saturday, March 1, 2003
Pharmacist Mark S. Pass of Lawrence Pharmacy in Gainesville, Ga, had no idea where to begin when filling this Rx. In addition to not being able to decipher what medications were ordered, the number of prescriptions was baffling. When he was unable to make heads or tails of this prescription, pharmacist Pass called the nurse for verification. Can you figure out how many drugs are on this 1 prescription blank and what medications are prescribed?
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Calan-SR          180 mg, once a day
Lasix                 20 mg, once a day
Micro-K           10 mEq, once a day
Catapres            0.1 mg, once at bedtime
Celebrex            200 mg, once a day
Darvocet-N       100 mg, twice a day
Lidex-Cream      30 g, apply bid

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