2015 Specialty Pharmacist of the Year Finalists

JULY 20, 2015
2015 Specialty Pharmacist of the Year Finalists
Sami Shafiq, PharmD, CPh, AAHIVP
Lead HIV/AIDS/HCV Clinical Pharmacist, Walgreens Co
Pembroke Pines, FL

Sami Shafiq, PharmD, CPh, AAHIVP, is the lead HIV/ AIDS/HCV clinical pharmacist for Miami-Dade County, Florida, with Walgreens. “As a clinical pharmacist, she bridges the gap between the community pharmacy practice and the HIV providers,” her nominator wrote. “Most importantly, she offers adherence counseling to HIV-infected patients throughout the county.”

Greatest Achievement
Improving the care and management of thousands of HIV-infected patients by providing one-on-one adherence counseling to patients, providing community support groups, and educating pharmacists and HIV care providers. So I was able to impact HIV care at every level, from the patient to the provider.

Source of Inspiration
Cindy Maggio, a clinical pharmacist that I shadowed in Miami, Virginia, while she counseled an HIV patient. She inspired me to get involved in the care of HIV-infected patients 20 years ago.

Personal Philosophy
Make a promise and deliver; follow through!

Vision for Pharmacy
Play an active role as a member of the multidisciplinary team in improving patients’ treatment and disease-state management.

Ron Smith, PharmD, MBA
COO, Biologics Inc.
Cary, NC

Ron Smith, PharmD, is chief operating officer of Biologics. His “energy, optimism, and passion for people-centered care have been a driving force in expanding our services to provide support for more patients, providers, and clients,” said Stuart Frantz, CEO and president at Biologics.

Greatest Achievements
Helping people grow both personally and professionally and seeing our combined efforts make a positive impact on the lives of those we support is extremely rewarding.

Source of Inspiration
My greatest source of inspiration is my family. Having the opportunity to play a role alongside my wife in the growth of my 2 boys and see them grow into loving, thoughtful, and energetic young men gives me the greatest sense of humility and pride.

Personal Philosophy
People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Vision for Pharmacy
With the continued specialization of drug therapy, the role of the pharmacist and pharmacy team has become a critical component in working with others within the health care team to optimize patient outcomes.

Chris Williams, PharmD
Pharmacy Advocate, Manatee County Government
Manatee County, FL

Chris Williams is the pharmacy advocate for the Manatee County, Florida, government. According to his nominator, “[The] most substantial impact has come from the pharmacist–patient relationship which Chris has developed with these patients. They listen to him because he has been there since they were first diagnosed.”

Greatest Achievements
Becoming a finalist for the 2015 Next-Generation PharmacistTM Awards is an honor. It is nice to be recognized in a field I have worked very hard in.

Source of Inspiration
My patients are a huge inspiration. Hearing about their disease states gives me perspective. My pharmacy interns also inspire me. I enjoy helping to shape their future careers.

Personal Philosophy
We should try to be open to new ideas for our health care systems, especially ideas of patients and young pharmacists. I have been fortunate to work in an environment that allows me to question processes and look to implement new ideas.

Vision for Pharmacy
There is a great opportunity for pharmacists to become extensions of the physician. I am very excited to watch what happens with California’s new law to allow pharmacists to prescribe.

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