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MAY 14, 2014
Although many pharmacy students fear they will face an oversaturated market of pharmacists after graduation, data suggest that there is still moderate demand throughout the country.

The Pharmacy Workforce Center provides a continuous measure of national, regional, and state-level demand, collected monthly by a group of panelists, known as the Aggregate Demand Index. Demand is estimated on a 5-point scale, with 5 indicating a high demand for pharmacists and 1 indicating that there are many more pharmacists than there are jobs. In January 2014, the overall national pharmacist demand was 3.32, a 0.11 increase from both the previous month and from January 2013.

Pharmacy jobs are out there, and recent graduates can find them with a little research. Pharmacy graduates willing to relocate or those who seek positions in growing fields may land rewarding and financially satisfying careers.

The map shows data from the Aggregate Demand Index, supported by the Pharmacy Workforce Center, and provides more detailed information on job demand, state by state, from the month of January 2014.


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