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NOVEMBER 08, 2013

SleepPhones Wireless

Why should your roommate’s all-nighter interfere with your much-needed sleep? SleepPhones Wireless introduces Bluetooth-enabled wireless headphones designed for blocking out noises that can disturb your sleep. The headphones sit inside a soft, comfortable headband, have a 15- to 30-foot wireless range, and work with Bluetooth-capable music players, phones, or computers. SleepPhones Wireless have a 5- to 7-hour battery life, require 2 hours of charging to use, and include a built-in volume control and play/pause feature. SleepPhones Wireless is available through the company’s website,, for $99.95.
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Tile, a Bluetooth-connected device, is designed to end stressful searches for missing keys, wallets, textbooks, or laptops by allowing users to attach Tiles to their items and track them using an iPhone 4s or 5, iPad Mini, third and fourth generation iPads, or an iPod Touch 5th generation. Unlike similar devices, however, Tile works beyond Bluetooth’s 100-foot range by using other nearby Apple devices running Tile’s app to cast a wider search net. Tile will begin shipping in winter 2013 to 2014, and carries a $25 price tag. Although Android devices do not support the Bluetooth 4.0 technology needed to run the devices currently, the manufacturers are open to releasing an Android version once the devices support Tile’s technology.
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HAPIfork, the first Bluetooth-enabled fork, helps users slow down and enjoy their meals. The fork’s built-in sensor measures the time to bring HAPIfork from the plate to the user’s mouth, measuring the amount of fork servings taken per minute, the intervals between fork servings, and meal length, all of which can be uploaded to an online dashboard via USB connection. HAPIfork users have the option of sharing their data with friends, health care providers, or the wider community. Forks are available in black, white, blue, pink, and green, and the $99 price tag includes the HAPIfork mobile app and online dashboard.
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Intuos Creative Stylus

Wacom Co. LTD’s Intuos Creative Stylus is a pressure-sensitive stylus created to mimic the control of traditional tools for those who opt to combine traditional note taking with iPad 3, 4, or mini technology. Initially created for artists, the stylus also incorporates palm-rejection technology, so stylus marks are the only items that register on the screen—not handprints—and includes 2048 pressure levels. The Intuos Creative Stylus comes with a compact carrying case for extra pen nibs or batteries. The stylus runs on an AAA battery with a battery life of more than 150 hours.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Samsung’s latest tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 offers a midsized alternative for those searching for an Android tablet. In addition to entertainment features, its multitasking features include Polaris Office, an office suite, and Group Play, an onboard collaboration tool. It features a 16 GB onboard hard drive, 1.6 gHz processor and 2 GB of RAM, is WiFi capable, and accepts microSD cards up to 64 GB if additional storage space is needed.
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