The Pharmacy Times Strategic Alliance Program

Elaine Chu, Marketing and Partnership Manager
Published Online: Thursday, November 7, 2013
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The Pharmacy Times Strategic Alliance Program partners with the top chain and independent pharmacies to deliver Pharmacy Times directly into the pharmacist’s hands. Our partners and Pharmacy Times invest in this program to make sure each retail pharmacist receives the latest industry news and practical information for his or her practice.

Pharmacy Times has grown this program over the years, from only 15 partners at its start in 2008 to 71 partners today. Through our program, we offer complimentary issues of Pharmacy Times as well as access to The Educated Patient® to all of our partners. The Educated Patient® serves to inform the consumer about important health topics, from antioxidants to anticlotting drug regimens, and is written by a pharmacist in a style that is appropriate for the patient. These useful patient materials can be displayed in the pharmacy to share with customers.

Pharmacy Times takes pride in our Strategic Alliance Program, which delivers our valuable clinical and practical information to the pharmacist to improve patient care. We offer at least 1 free continuing education lesson in each print issue as well as online webinars and live continuing education meetings through our Pharmacy Times Office of Continuing Professional Education.

As technology continues to evolve, your access to Pharmacy Times through your future employer does not stop at the print edition. We also produce a free iPad app, which allows you to download each monthly issue and access it along with exclusive enhanced multimedia content.

Additionally, the Health-System Edition of Pharmacy Times and our sister publication, Specialty Pharmacy Times, are also available for free on the iPad. You will be able to read about trends in these important sectors of pharmacy and stay on top of the profession. Specialty Pharmacy Times launched in October 2010 with its own Strategic Alliance Program, and we have grown the Specialty Pharmacy Times program to 31 partners in 3 short years!

We hope that you will continue to keep Pharmacy Times top of mind as your “go-to” resource once you graduate and pursue your future practice—whether it be in retail, hospital, specialty pharmacy, or somewhere else in the industry. We trust that Pharmacy Times will continue to be an important part of your future!

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