OCTOBER 01, 2007
Bruce Roberts, RPh

Welcome to the best profession in the world?pharmacy. You are entering the pharmacy profession at a very exciting time. And while the challenges that face us today and into the future are significant, as always, the opportunities are nearly limitless. The ultimate gathering of and for pharmacy professionals?the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) 109th Annual Convention and Trade Exposition?is taking place this year in Anaheim, Calif. This year?s convention offers numerous educational opportunities, the most powerful and productive exposition in the pharmacy industry, and a variety of social gatherings that help you to ?Discover the Magic of Independence.?

Choosing the path of independent pharmacy gives you the unique opportunity to develop exactly the type of pharmacy practice that you want, as these articles showcase. For some, pharmacy is a career inheritance that spans multiple generations.As ownership passes from one generation to the next, the new generation often brings with it fresh ideas and technological advances that enhance the practice and improve the delivery of services and health outcomes for patients. Find out more at the Technology Seminar on the latest Internet and pharmacy technologies to enhance your pharmacy?s efficiency, improve patient care, reduce costs, and boost profits.

Another way to begin the road to pharmacy ownership is via a junior partnership that allows the sale of a pharmacy to occur over several years, as the owner gains management responsibility and an increasing percentage of ownership from the previous owner. You can learn more about how others took advantage of this option in this issue and during the Junior Partnership Showcase. Be sure to check your convention program for more details.

Community pharmacies must be able to meet the needs of the diverse communities they serve, and to do so may require some cultural care. Learn more about how pharmacists are improving their cultural competence in this issue and during the Survival Spanish for Pharmacists educational workshop and corresponding publication available at the NCPA store.

The NCPA is pleased to partner with Pharmacy Times to bring you this publication. We hope it piques your interest to find out more about independent pharmacy and the NCPA. Go online to www.ncpanet.org, or call us at 800-544-747 to find out more, and enjoy the convention.

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